some days

most days

I feel





without hope

or joy


because the voice

inside my head

feeds me poison

and I drink it

because the voice tells me

it’s what I deserve

some days

fewer days

I feel





full of Hope

and Joy


because the voice

inside my head

feeds me honey

and I drink it

because I tell the voice

it’s what I deserve

as published in Messy Bun Mantras

Did You Know…

My entire writing career launched in the fourth grade with a little poem about raccoons. It’s terrible, but I love it.

Poetry holds a special place in both my life and my writing. While I may never be the US poet laureate, I can never stop doing something that brings me such fulfillment. For years poetry has been a way of processing emotions and difficult situations that were otherwise impossible for me to sort through.

When I was planning my writing for January, I settled on the theme of “voices.” Of course, I knew immediately that I had just the right opening for this month: a little poem nestled in the beginning of MBM, right on page 11 – which happens to be my favorite number.

Let this week’s poem set the tone for the weeks to follow. I’m excited to get back into writing and into community with all of you. Thank you for being patient with me while I took a break for the holidays!

much love,