One of the most relatable scenes in sitcom history comes from an early season of “FRIENDS.” The girls are having a night in, but things to start spiral downward as they talk about their lack of boyfriends, careers, and dreams. Monica laments, “I don’t have a plan! Do you have a plan?” And Phoebe replies, “I don’t even have a pleh.”


I hate the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” not because I don’t have dreams and ambition, but because I simply don’t know. I don’t know what the future looks like. It’s unknown, unwritten, unfulfilled. The belief is that we can plan for the next five years, but the reality is we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.


Where do I want to be in five years? I have some ideas. I’d like to be in a different house, for starters. I’d like a couple new books published. I’d like to see my kids continue to thrive and succeed at school and at life. I’d like to see my marriage stronger than ever and answers to unanswered prayers. I’d like to say I completely overcame anxiety and depression and they no longer pull me down. I’d like a goat. Maybe a chicken. Perhaps I’ll finally jump on the sourdough bread train.


There is beauty in the unknown. God is there. He’s the past, present, and future (Rev. 21:6). He tells us not to worry about tomorrow (Matt. 6:34), to cast our anxieties on Him (1 Peter 5:7), that His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matt. 11:28-30), that He takes care of the flowers and the sparrows and we are so much more precious to Him than they (Matt. 6:28-33).


There is beauty in surrender. Jesus said, “come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28) and “peace I leave with you; my peace I give you” (John 14:27). We are to in every situation, by prayer, through gratitude, speak to God and His peace will guard our hearts and minds (Phil. 4:6-7).


I don’t have a “pleh.” My husband and I have earthly securities, yes, but a plan? The only plan we have is to practice trusting that God is the only one who knows what He’s doing, and He’s working everything out for His glory, and hey, I’m a child of God, so I feel pretty good about the upcoming victory we’ll have in Christ.


For now, I’ll continue to surrender my “pleh” to God. I’ll continue to seek His guidance and strive to be obedient to whatever He might ask from me.


 As you celebrate the Risen Savior this Easter, let your heart be filled with awe and wonder that the Creator of all things died for you. He conquered death and sin and rose to life again for you. It was part of a master plan, and I believe that God’s plans are better than anything I’ve got. 


Happy Easter. He is Risen!


Written by Meg Diefenbacher



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