I registered for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half-Marathon in the fall of 2019. I signed up because my sister-in-law – who claims to have no memory of this – countered my suggestion to run a 10k with the statement, “We should do a half.” And I replied true to character, “Okay, what’s the worst that could happen?”

She ended up not signing up because she was asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding (traitor), so I embarked on the training schedule alone. I reconnected with an old friend who also runs marathons and she introduced me to a women’s running group called MRTT – Moms Run This Town. It’s a national club with local chapters and it’s pretty awesome. I met a bunch of ladies who were all on the same journey as me, which is a great parallel to real life, isn’t it? We all just want to know someone is on the same journey as us, or has walked the path before us and can tell us it’s worth walking.

Covid postponed the race. Then postponed it again…and again…and finally I stopped deferring my in-person registration and set a date to run the virtual half.

And I did.

And even though my sister-in-law didn’t register, she ran it with me.

And we made it.

Admittedly, it sucked. I finished by the skin of my teeth. I was sore for days afterwards and I have yet to run even a mile as of this writing.

But it was worth it. So, so worth it. To look back at all the hard work I put in and to know where I started as a runner and where I am now is a level of pride I can’t put a price on. I’m not the best runner, but I’m better than I was when I started, and that’s worth a huge amount in my book.

I’ve already got a race line-up for the rest of the year and I will definitely run another half.

So whatever dream or goal that you are holding onto or thinking about doing, please do it. Don’t give up. You’ve got this and even if you don’t think you do, just keep going. Find at least one person who can cheer you on, or send me a DM and I will be your cheerleader!

You’ll be so proud of yourself when you reach that goal. I promise.

love, meg