You stand at attention, in anticipation.

You’ve prepared for this moment: long, tiring hours filled with hope and longing.

Fire rumbles through your tortured soul,

the turquoise heat melts your love-plumped heart,

creating a raucous din of a pulse that bleeds chaotic symmetry as it hammers in your ears.

You fight for control over the carnivorous butterflies in your stomach,

ready to feed them, eager to satiate their violent cravings.

You struggle with composure as your feet race ahead of you,

impatient to answer the sweet, angelic voice of the doorbell.

You barely manage to open the door with normalcy and there he stands,

Ball cap tipped back to reveal a strong brow and handsome, hungry eyes.

His teeth are white and straight within his smile,

His arms, muscular and tan, are outstretched as he presents his token, his offering.

Your eyes widen as you accept this precious parcel.

You choke out a strained thank you

and slam the door on his confusion.

Your face is moist with tears of gratitude as you turn away,

fiercely clutching your pizza.