One. Whole. Year.

Messy Bun Mantras was published one year ago! As of today, it sold over 200 copies, which is modest in the book world, but is still WAY more than my first book – a small collection of poetry published when I was eighteen – ever sold.

What have I been doing for the past year? Let’s see…in the past year I started a new job, started piano lessons, completed a half marathon, and watched my babies go to kindergarten and preschool. In the past year as a writer I started this blog, participated in National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) 2020, collected research materials for the next non-fiction book, and was side-tracked by a collection of poetry that kind of popped out of thin air and onto my path.

Tell Me More, Tell Me More…

These Bones Will Sing is my latest project. As afore mentioned, it is a collection of poetry. It’s the kind of book I would have written if I had known what I was doing when I was eighteen. I consider it a bit of a do-over. I want my little corner of the internet and writing world to be honest and real, and this collection is both. I don’t sugar-coat much.

The theme of the collection is praising God through all situations, whether you are in the desert or the mountain. I walked through an unreal season of depression and anxiety this last summer and most of the poems came out of that experience. The collection is broken into four sections, each with a specific theme and tone. Some are simple, some are raw. There’s a good mix of humanity and spirituality. It’s the most vulnerable my writing has been outside of my old journals.

I have one section and a couple poems to finish editing, then another round of beta readers/editors, and then it’ll move to the publishing stage. It’s a lot of work to be an indie writer but it’s definitely been worth the journey.

One Year Ago in a Galaxy Not So Far Away…

Messy Bun Mantras was the catalyst that started this blog and my publishing journey. I was forced to learn things about writing, publishing, and marketing that I wouldn’t have otherwise known, and the process has stretched and strengthened me.

I am not the same person I was a year ago.

You can purchase Messy Bun Mantras on my website here or if you prefer adding it to your existing Amazon cart, you can do so here. If you’re in the Cincinnati area and happen to know me or someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows me, I’d be happy to meet you and hand your copy to you in person. Simply send me an email or DM that person who knows someone who knows someone…

Lastly, I owe a huge THANK YOU to every single person who bought a copy of my book and/or read it on Kindle! This website wouldn’t be here without you! If you read my book but didn’t leave a review on Amazon, get to it!

love, meg