I’m thankful for grace. Not just the kind of grace that we humans extend to each other around the holiday season, but divine grace. Limitless grace. The sort of grace that stepped down from a heavenly throne and came to earth in a newborn baby. The kind of grace that started “from scratch” as our Savior grew up in this world and then proceeded to change it forever.

I’m thankful for the promises of hope and faithfulness. I’m grateful that I know a loving, forgiving God. I’m so very grateful that He is a constant presence in my life and in the world. I’m thankful that reminders of His goodness and power are on display throughout all creation. I’m always amazed when I find little pieces of divinity’s touch in the small things and I’m grateful for a God who cares about us small people.

For me, it will always come back to Him.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.

love, Meg