Today I am grateful for my work.

I’m grateful for a full-time job that gives me the means to provide for my family, normal co-workers, and a flexible environment should non-work emergencies arise (and they have). I’m beyond grateful that we were considered an essential business during the lockdown.

I was offered other jobs, but I chose this one. I realized once the state began shutting down that if I had taken either of the other jobs, I would have been out of work. God knew what He was – and is – doing.

I’m also grateful for my more personal work: my book and this website. My prayer is that everything I share provides hope, community, and reassurance that you are not alone. God is always with you.

I know that my book was meant to be out there in the world, just as I know that I am meant to be here, on the other side of these words you’re reading, in order to share life and faith together. While my day job is important, it pales in comparison to anything the Father would request of me.

I hope you can find gratitude in your work – be it your career, temporary gig, or your calling.

Carry on and work well.