Happy Sabbath. It’s been a while since we’ve been in our normal church service, but it was definitely where we were meant to be today.

In the spirit of Rest, I’m keeping this post simple: I’m grateful for my SNC church family. As briefly outlined in Messy Bun Mantras, my past church history was a little rocky at times. There aren’t enough words to express the love, gratitude, and familial companionship that we have received from our SNC church family. The groups we are – and were – involved in are filled with genuine, amazing people who I’m proud to call friends. I’m so thankful for their friendship, kindness, and service, and I pray that can all continue growing closer together.

More than that, I’m grateful for a God who pours out love, mercy, and forgiveness. I’m grateful for a Savior who was born solely to die for my sins. I’m in awe of the detailed planning that went into Creation and the lineage of Christ. I’m constantly reminded of God’s faithfulness and love and I pray that His goodness never stops taking my breath away.

In the spirit of Renewal, I’m so thankful for family and friends. I’m grateful that we are able to spend this rainy Sunday together. As I prepare to head over to a friend’s house (quite literally in the next ten minutes or so), I praise God that I have friends who don’t mind last-minute, in-home coffee dates. I praise the Lord for providing ways to renew my spirit and my heart, and today I find my heart so incredibly full.


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Much love to you, dear friend.