What readers are saying…

Meg writes about faith + life with vulnerability + honesty. She doesn’t gloss over life’s struggles but wades into the muck of life + tells the truth. Each essay reads like a conversation between friends, reminding us of the power of presence. You can pick up the book for a few moments at a time or read it all at once. She’s cheering for you + this book is a reminder that you are never alone.

Danielle R.

Is it possible that a book can listen to you? As I read Messy Bun Mantras it’s as if Meg is beside me listening to me cry out, “yes, this is how I feel too, or, “thank you for being so honest and real.” Her quirkiness, wit, wisdom, fierceness, creative spirit, and deep love are saving my life. I love the way she balances humor, sadness, truth, storytelling, and practical advice for growth, bravery, acceptance, and combating anxiety and in a way that feels like we are sitting in a cute coffee shop spilling our life stories. Come join us.

Meredith K.

In her book, the author relates to her readers how she goes from being anxious to having a calm life. The manner of her writing doesn’t come across as a mere factual narration; instead, it comes across as if you’re chatting with one of your girlfriends. Ms. Diefenbacher’s chat-like writing, aside from personal stories, includes positive declarations and biblical truths.

For wanting to transform the lives of her readers from being anxious to that of being calm, I’ve given Ms. Diefenbacher 5 STARS for her endeavor here.

Robin M.

My husband surprised me with a weekend away by myself! I had just received my copy of the book and was so excited to have quiet time to read it!
The book was so good! So many truths and it spoke to so much of what I am going through/have gone through. The book is down to earth, relatable, practical and just the right amount of humor. It has given me a lot to think about, and practical/tangible ways to become more like Christ in my everyday life.

Sarah G.