Happy New Year!

2023’s reading journey was mostly fiction, and a lot of DNF (did not finish) titles. My personal criteria for including a book on the Read list means that I either read the work in its entirety, or I read 25% and ultimately decided it wasn’t for me.

There are a few reasons why I might not finish a book, but the most common denominators are usually that the narrative portrays a set of disagreeable values, contains scenes with explicit content, explictly vulgar language, or it simply didn’t hold my attention. Life it too short to power through a book you don’t love.

Top Picks:

I loved and recommended The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston to everyone. I loved it so much I bought a copy for my personal library, and sent a copy to the recipient of a book exchange I joined in December. Part time-travel, part When Harry Met Sally, it was the coziest read. I laughed, I cried, I don’t want to say more without giving anything away. If you like quirky authors and rom-com, this one is for you.

My coworker introduced the works of author Sarah Adams to me late in the year and I absolutely loved her series set in a Gilmore Girls style small town in Kentucky. The titles are When in Rome and Practice Makes Perfect. Are they cheesy? Quirky? Hallmarky? Yes, but they were so fun.

Non-fiction was not a focus of 2023, mostly because it was a rough year and fiction was easier. Not among the books below is the Bible. I read Luke, Acts, and Job; I really appreciate the lessons from Job after such a bummer of a year. Additionally, Ruth Chou Simmons’ book Beholding and Becoming stands out amoung the non-fiction titles as ministering to my soul.

The books that provided the most education were Elements of Biblical Exegesis and Sewing Essentials. I took two classes last year at a Bible college, and the second class was solely centered on writing an exegetical paper. This class kicked my butt but it was so good to learn how to properly research and report on passages of Scripture. Completely unrelated, I also started sewing clothes as a hobby, sew (see what I did there?) reading books that taught me the basics was crucial to gaining skills and confidence there. (Also YouTube videos. Lots and lots of YouTube.)

And that’s all she wrote. Obviously if you’ve read any of these titles and want to discuss, I’d be happy to oblige. Or if you want to know if I recommend a title (because there are some I definitely don’t), feel free to reach out!

Written by Meg Diefenbacher



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