Writer, Pirate, Coffee-Addict

Once upon a time, I wrote a little book called Messy Bun Mantras. It’s the catalyst for this website, and ultimately, this journey of ministry that I’ve been called to answer.

Why the name? Mantras are little positive affirmations, such as “I am” statements like, “I am Brave, I am Enough.” When I was walking through one of my darkest valleys with anxiety, the people I looked to as examples on how to deal with anxiety each placed a big emphasis on positive affirmation. I took a stack of sticky notes and Googled Scripture about anxiety. I wrote the verses out on the sticky notes and stuck them in prominent places all the house. No matter what room I was in, there was a physical reminder of a positive affirmation, true statements about who God is, and who I am to Him: daughter, beloved, redeemed, and friend.

Life is messy. I am perpetually late. I am somewhat carefree (read: lazy) and low-maintenance about my appearance. As my hair grows longer (thanks quarantine), I find it’s much easier to manage if it’s up in a bun. It’s become a signature, go-to look for me. More than that, the bun speaks of life, spontaneity, strength, bravery, and motherhood. The fact that it’s not a tight, perfect ballerina bun means there is room for error. There is room for it to fall apart and to be swept back up again, possibly better, possibly worse, but falling down isn’t the end of the world.

It was quite the journey to accept this messy kind of mindset and I believe it was a journey worth taking.

I’m here, carving out this space in the world because I believe the journey isn’t over. Your journey isn’t over either. There’s still hope and time and things to learn and re-learn.

So, let’s go! Let’s journey together.